Surviving on a budget: The Best Cheap Survival Gear to Buy Now

As a society, we have become dependent upon technology, convenience, and comfort. However, the world we live in is unpredictable and anything can happen at any time. Be it a natural disaster, economic collapse, or any unforeseen circumstance, being prepared is the key to survival. But surviving on a budget can be challenging, especially when it comes to investing in survival gear. In this article, we will explore the best cheap survival gear to buy now.

1. Emergency Blanket:

One of the most essential items in any survival kit is an emergency blanket. These blankets are designed to retain body heat, keeping you warm in cold, harsh weather conditions. They are also lightweight and can be easily packed away, making them an ideal item for backpacking and camping.

2. Water Filter:

Clean drinking water is one of the most vital necessities for survival. A water filter removes bacteria and other contaminants from water sources, making it safe for consumption. Inexpensive water filters like the Sawyer Mini Water Filter offer a high level of filtration, making it a must-have item for any survival kit.

3. Fire Starter:

Starting a fire in the wilderness is not only necessary for warmth but also for cooking purposes. A fire starter is an essential item to pack in case you need to start a fire quickly. A Ferrocerium Rod is a cheap but effective option for starting fires and should be included in any survival kit.

4. First Aid Kit:

A first aid kit is an essential item for any survival kit. It can provide vital medical care in the event of an injury or accident. A basic first aid kit includes bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers. These can be purchased for a relatively low price from most drug stores.

5. Multi-Tool:

A multi-tool is a versatile item that can serve several purposes in a survival situation. It includes different tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, and knives. A basic multi-tool can be purchased for a reasonable price online or at most hardware stores.

6. Poncho:

A poncho can serve as a raincoat and a makeshift shelter in a survival situation. It can also be used to collect rainwater or provide shade from the sun. A poncho is an inexpensive item that should be included in any survival kit.

7. Headlamp:

A headlamp is an essential item for any survival kit. It keeps your hands free and provides light in dark environments. Basic headlamps can be found for a reasonable price online or at most outdoor stores.

In conclusion, surviving on a budget is difficult, but it is possible with proper planning and the right gear. Investing in affordable survival gear can give you peace of mind and provide life-saving measures in unexpected situations. The items mentioned above are just a few basic examples of the cheap survival gear you should invest in now. Take the time to research and build your survival kit before it’s too late.

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